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Blackjack System based on math, not card counting; software, PDF included.

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Blackjack System 2.1

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Version 2.1

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Date added: 15 Oct 2013

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Publisher's description
The winning MENTAL blackjack system is founded on Fundamental Formula of Gambling and Martingale, Fibonacci progressions; no counting cards required. software and PDF included.

I founded the winning MENTAL blackjack system on the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). The full system, as used with a notebook, keeps track of several streaks: Win (W), Loss (L), Dealer Bust (DB), Player Bust (PB), Dealer Blackjack (DJ), Player BJ (PJ). In my trimmed down version, without the notebook, I only keep track of two streaks: Win (W+), Loss (L-). This is a mental gambling system - the records are kept in my memory.

My count always starts at: 0 - 0. I say mentally zero - zero.
1) The first number represents my consecutive losses;
2) The second number represents my consecutive skips without two or more consecutive wins.

If I lose my first hand, the count becomes 1 / 0. I say mentally one - zero. If I lose also the next hand, the count becomes 2 / 0. I say mentally two - zero.

Every time I lose a blackjack hand, the left count increases by one. Every time I win a blackjack hand, followed immediately by another win, the right count is set to 0. Every time I win a blackjack hand, followed immediately by a loss, the right count increases by a half. And so on ... and so forth ...

With record-keeping on paper (notebook), I track the entire session. I can see the streaks of all lengths. I know I will lose 4, 5, 6, 7 ... more blackjack hands in a row. I know also I will win 4, 5, 6, 7 ... more blackjack hands in a row. I look at the past 30-50 blackjack hands and decide that I should expect soon a 4-5 winning streak. Or, I should not expect a losing streak longer than 4-5, because I already had a longer losing streak. There is no gambler's fallacy, really; or reversed gambler's fallacy. Read the pages in the Resources sections at SALIU.COM.

It works best at the command prompt for best speed; all 32/64 bit versions of Windows supported.

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